Coordination Unit (AICRP on Sugarcane)

The Coordination Unit of AICRP on Sugarcane is housed at the ICAR-Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), India. The Coordination Unit is entrusted with the tasks of preparing EFC memo of the project and formulating annual action plan for execution at different cooperating centers. Coordinated programme in each discipline is closely monitored by the Principal Investigator of the concerned discipline. Ensuring execution of technical programme, release of budget to different centers, and monitoring of research progress is done by the Project Coordinator and monitoring teams constituted by the PC(S). The experimental progress is reviewed regularly during the Annual Workshops/ Group Meetings. The selection of better entries/ clones from Initial Varietal trials (IVT) to Advanced Varietal Trials (AVT) and Zonal Varietal trials (ZVT) is done in the Breeders Meet, attended by all the breeders and plant pathologists working at different centers. The workshop/ group meetings are organized by the Coordination Unit as per the approved agenda. The Project Coordinator is assisted by the four scientists each from Crop Production, Crop Improvement, Plant Pathology and Entomology as well as three technical staff at the headquarters. The identification of promising genotypes for sending to CVRC is done confidentially by the Varietal Identification Committee-Chaired by the Dy. Director General (Crop Sciences).

Contact Details (Scientist & Technical)

Dr S. K. Shukla
Dr S K Yadav
Senior Scientist (Agronomy)
Dr Lalan Sharma
Senior Scientist (Plant Pathology)
Mr Adil Zubair
Chief Technical Officer
Mr Arvind Kumar Yadav
Upper Division Clerk