AICRP Projects


Project Code Project Title
Crop Improvement
B.II Zonal Varietal Trial
B.III Evaluation and identification of climatic resilient ISH & IGH genetics stocks
Crop Production
AS-72 Agronomic Performance of elite sugarcane genotypes
AS-74 Evaluation of sugarcane varieties of drought tolerance
AS-77 Evaluation of liquid nano urea for its efficacy in enhancing N use efficiency and sugarcane growth and yield
AS-78 Evaluating efficacy of consortium of agricultural beneficial microorganisms as soil health and plant health products on yield and quality of sugarcane
AS-79 Evaluation of new herbicide molecules for weed management in sugarcane plant crop
Plant Pathology
PP14 Identification of pathotypes of red rot pathogen
PP17 Evaluation of zonal varieties for resistance to red rot, smut, wilt, YLD, brown rust and pokkah boeng
PP22 Survey of sugarcane diseases naturally occurring in the area on important sugarcane varieties
PP23 Assessment of elite and ISH genotypes for resistance to red rot
PP32 Management of brown spot disease of sugarcane
PP33 Management of yellow leaf disease through meristem culture combined with molecular diagnostics
PP34 Efficient delivery of fungicides and other agro inputs to manage major fungal diseases in sugarcane
PP35 Development of inoculation techniques for Pokkah boeng disease of sugarcane
E4.1 Evaluation of zonal varieties/genotypes for their reaction against major insect-pests
E28 Survey and surveillance of sugarcane insect-pests
E30 Monitoring of insect-pests and bio-agents in sugarcane agro-ecosystem under changing climate scenario
E34 Standardization of simple and cost effective techniques for mass multiplication of sugarcane bio-agents
E40 Integrated approach to manage white grubs in sugarcane
E41 Assessment of yield losses caused by borer pests of sugarcane under changing climate scenario changing climate scenario
E42 Development of grading scale for Plassey borer for varietal assessement