Regional Sugarcane and Jaggery Research Station, Kolhapur

About the Centre

The latitude of Kolhapur is 160o43' N, the longitude is 740o14' E and elevation is 574 meters above MSL. Kolhapur region is one of the most concentrated sugarcane growing area in Maharashtra state because of favourable soil and agro ecological condition of the region. Kolhapur's climate is a blend of coastal and inland elements common to Maharashtra .In Kolhapur the temperature has a relatively narrow range between 10oC to 35oC. Summer in Kolhapur is comparatively cooler, but much more humid, than neighboring inland cities. Maximum temperatures rarely exceed 38oC and typically range between 33 and 35oC. Lows during this season are around 24oC to 26oC. The city receives abundant rainfall from June to September due to its proximity to the Western Ghats. The average annual rainfall of Kolhapur region is 1100mm. The heavy rains often lead to severe flooding during these months. Kolhapur experiences winter from November to February.

Kolhapur is a rich cultural heritage and hosts innumerable religious and historical places to visit. Kolhapur is situated at the banks of river Panchganga, which called as Dakshin Kashi for its spiritual history with well connected trains and buses that makes the journey pleasant and enjoyable. Famous places to visit include Goddess Mahalaxmi temple, Joytiba temple, Panhala fort, Rankala lake and Siddhagiri Gramjivan museum. It has pleasant weather throughout the year and the visit is enjoyable irrespective of seasons.

Contact Details:-

Dr. B.D.Patil
Sugarcane Breeder and I/c AICRP on Sugarcane
Mob: 09890521975
Asstt. Agronomist
Mob: 09767022344
Shri. N.B.Ghodake
Tech. Asstt. Agril. Entomology
Mob: 9960981548
Mrs. M. R.Pandav
Lab Asstt.
Mob: 9011911811

Impact of Improved Varieties:

  • The Kolhapur centre has so far released and recommended 3 sugarcane varieties viz., Co 7527 (1988), Co 8014 (1994) and Co 92005 (2009). The sugarcane variety Co 92005 is excellent for jaggery yield and quality with non lodging, erect and sparse flowering characteristics. Jaggery prepared from the variety Co 92005 is fetching additional rate of Rs.250 to 550/- per quintal than other released varieties in the region
  • Besides, this centre has contribution in release of sugarcane varieties viz; Co 7219, CoM 7125, CoM 88121, Co 86032, Co 94012, Phule 0265, MS 10001 (MS 13081) and CoM 09057 (CoM 12085) from CSRS, Padegaon.

  • Achievements

    • Kolhapur centre has recommended and released variety Co 92005 during 2009 for excellent jaggery yield and quality with non lodging, erect and sparse flowering characteristics. Besides the jaggery processing units in Sub Montane Zone of the South Maharashtra about 10 sugar factories jurisdiction the area under Co 92005 is increasing fast next to Co 86032 and replacing the CoC 671. Jaggery prepared from the variety Co 92005 fetching additional rate of Rs.250 to 550/- per quintal than other release varieties in the region.
    • Recommendation of wider row spacing, use of biofertilizers, intercrops in sugarcane, use of trash mulch etc. as a part of recommended package of practices of sugarcane.