Regional Sugarcane and Rice Research Station, Rudrur

About the Centre

The location of the research station at Rudrur was with reference to the identify of the weather and soils with those of the Nizam Sagar Ayacut. This station is situated in the perennial zone of the Nizam Sagar ayacut at a latitude of 18o-300' north and 77o-510' longitude to east at an elevation of 404 m above mean sea level. The mean maximum temperature goes upto 44.5oC during May and the mean minimum temperature is 16.5oC. 

The soils are broadly divided into two types viz., light-textured, well-drained sandly loams (chalka) and heavily textured, ill-drained clay loams (regur). They are low in organic matter and low in available nitrogen and P2O5. The regurs are generally calcareous and chalkas are more ferruginous.

Contact Details:-

Dr. B. Joseph
Principal Scientist (Agronomy) & Head
Dr. Y. Bharathi
Scientist (Plant Breeding)
Mob: 9000104872