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Division of Crop Improvement

The Division of Crop Improvement owes its genesis to the establishment of Botany and Breeding unit at ICAR-Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow by Sugarcane Breeding Institute, and Coimbatore for evaluation of sugarcane varieties in sub-tropical region. This unit was transferred to IISR, Lucknow in 1969 and a section of Botany and Breeding came into existence. This section was entrusted with the responsibility of genetic evaluation of sugarcane crosses in subtropical India and germplasm evaluation of sugarcane and sugarbeet. Later on this section was elevated to the Division of Botany and Breeding. It was renamed as Division of Crop Improvement in 1989. As per Institute's mandate, this Division is conducting fundamental and applied research on sugar crops (sugarcane and sugarbeet). Evaluation and enrichment of germplasm was also initiated for its utilization for sugarcane varietal improvement programmes in subtropics.


  • Development of superior sugarcane varieties with special reference to subtropics.
  • Evaluation and documentation of sugarcane germplasm for North Indian conditions.
  • Development of breeding and geneticstocks for specific attributes.
  • Application of biotechnological approaches for sugarcane improvement.


  • To develop sugarcane varieties resistant to red rot for higher sugar productivity.

Thrust Areas

  • To develop suitable varieties for sub tropical India
  • Genetic enhancement in traits of economic importance through gene introgression from Saccharum complex
  • Increasing breeding efficiency through biotechnological interventions
  • Sugarbeet breeding for Indian agro-climates and its adaptation
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Contact Person

Dr Sangeeta Srivastava, Principal Scientist & Head (Officiating)
E-mail:, Mob: 9415001735