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IISR Regional Centre, Motipur, Muzaffarpur (Bihar)

The IISR Regional Centre at Motipur, Muzaffarpur district (Bihar) was initially established in 1988 by Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore as its Research Centre for evaluation of sugarcane germplasm and advanced stage clones under agro climatic conditions of north central zone of India. This research centre was transferred to Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research on 25.04.2004. Institute has elevated this research centre as Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research Regional Centre. Since then the activity of the Regional Centre has been intensified on all aspects of sugarcane cultivation including development of sugarcane varieties for north central zone, evaluation of elite material for water logging tolerance, red rot resistance and dissemination of IISR technologies especially mechanization for sugarcane productivity enhancement of north central zone.

 IISR Regional Centre, Motipur (Bihar) has developed seven early maturing sugarcane varieties (CoLk 94184, Co87263, Co87268, Co89029, Co0232, CoLk 12207, and CoLk 12209) and one mid-late maturing variety Co 0233 for north central zone. Every year over 1000 qt seed of improved varieties of sugarcane is produced at this centre and distributed to the sugarcane farmers and sugar mills of Bihar State. In addition IISR has signed a memorandum of understanding with sugarcane industries department of Bihar government for breeder seed production with aim to cover sugarcane growing area with improved varieties.


To enhance sugarcane productivity of North Central Zone. 


  • To develop water logging tolerant and red rot resistant sugarcane varieties for north Central Zone.
  • Evaluation of elite material for water logging tolerance and red rot resistance
  • Quality seed production
  • Dissemination of IISR technology for sugarcane crop

Thrust Areas

  • Development of sugarcane varieties for north central zone of India
  • Evaluation of sugarcane germplasm/ elite lines for resistance to red rot
  • Evaluation of sugarcane germplasm/ elite lines for tolerance to water logging
  • Training to sugar factory personal/ sugarcane growers for new agrotechniques and mechanization
  • Quality seed production of sugarcane
  • Feasibility of sugarbeet cultivation in diffusion based factory areas
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    Contact Person

    Dr Ashutosh Kumar Mall, Senior Scientist & Nodal Officer
    E-mail:, Mob: 8009052220