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ICAR- IISR  Biological Control Centre, Pravaranagar (Maharashtra)

The Biological Control Centre, Pravaranagar of the ICAR-Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow (UP) is located in the premises of Padmashri Dr Vitthalrao Vikhe-Patil (PDVVP) Cooperative Sugar Mill, Pravaranagar, Taluka: Rahata, District: Ahmednagar (Maharashtra). The centre was established in April, 1978, since then it was engaged in the various activities of biological control of sugarcane insect-pests and diseases in Maharashtra. The centre has been actively involved in advising the sugarcane growers about the modern technological interventions for the maximum production and productivity of sugarcane. Survey and surveillance for major insect-pests and diseases of sugarcane is one of the important activity of the centre since its inception. The centre is actively involved in mass production of the biocontrol agents and its distribution to the sugarcane growers for the minimizing the losses due to insect-pests.

The centre is situated in the campus of PDVVP Cooperative Sugar Mill, Pravaranagar, around 60 km north from Ahmednagar city (19.5816° N, 74.4987° E) at 539.67 M mean sea level.


Enhancement of production, productivity,profitability and sustainability of sugarcane in western Maharashtra (peninsular zone)


  • To survey and surveillance of major insect-pests and diseases of sugarcane and identification of bio-control agents in Maharashtra.
  • To mass produce and field release of bio-control agents against sugarcane insect-pests and diseases
  • To develop an effective, and eco-friendly package of practices for sustainable management of various pests and diseases in sugarcane with special emphasis on biological control.
  • To disseminate the modern technological interventions of the IISR to sugarcane growers and sugar industries of Maharashtra.


  • Identification and mass multiplication of indigenous egg parasitoid Trichogramma sp. against borer complex (early, internode and top shoot borer) of sugarcane.
  • Identification and mass multiplication of various strains of Trichoderma sp. from Maharashtra and evaluating their efficacy against sugarcane diseases.
  • Dissemination of knowledge about biological control of insect-pests/disease through organizing extension activities for sugarcane farmers of Maharashtra.
  • Development of low-cost technologies for mass multiplication of various other bio-agents.

Research Activities: (Ongoing projects):

  • Survey for seasonal prevalence of major insect-pests of sugarcane and their natural enemies in the sugarcane cropping system in Maharashtra.
  • Mass multiplication and field release of egg parasitoid Trichogramma chilonis against borer complex of sugarcane.

Future Thrust

  • Isolation, identification, rearing, mass multiplication and field release of indigenous bio-agents against sugarcane insect pests in Maharashtra.
  • Exploring the new isolates of Trichoderma sp. against fungal diseases of sugarcane.
  • Bio-efficacy of efficient entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) and entomopathogenic bacteria (EPBs) against white grubs of sugarcane.
  • Intensifying the extension activities and training for sugarcane farmers and dissemination of information about biological control of major insect-pest and diseases.
  • Screening of the sugarcane genotypes for field resistance against yellow leaf disease.
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