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Division of Agricultural Engineering

Division of Agricultural Engineering came into existence in 1952 with a couple of engineers and technicians. A workshop was established with prerequisites to undertake fabrication and machining work. Prime duty was to evolve tools and equipment to increase labour/energy-input use efficiency. It has now grown up. Activities of the division are also diversified.


An efficient, globally competitive and vibrant sugarcane agriculture


Engineering interventions for enhancement of production, productivity, sustainability of sugarcane and sugar crops


  • To conduct basic and applied research on mechanization, water management and post harvest technology of sugarcane and sugar crops.
  • To develop linkages with State Agricultural Universities, Research centres and other organizations for collaborative research, exchange of information and material.
  • To provide training, consultancy and advisory services to farmers, industries and other users at regional, national and international levels.

Thrust Areas

  • Design and development of machineries for emerging agro-techniques in sugarcane and sugar crops.
  • Development/design refinement of existing machineries for emerging agro-techniques in sugarcane and sugar crops.
  • Ergonomic evaluation of small hand tools /equipment for drudgery reduction in sugarcane cultivation
  • Enhancing water use efficiency

Frontier areas for conducting Training courses

  • ITI Apprentice training
  • Operation, repair and maintenance of sugarcane and sugarbeet machineries
  • Production technology for sugarcane and sugarbeet machineries.
  • Summer training for UG & PG students of Agricultural Engineering
  • Water management in sugarcane
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Contact Person

Dr A K Singh, Principal Scientist & Head(Officiating)
E-mail:, Mob: 9415780095