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Jaggery Unit

All India Co-ordinated Project on Processing, Handling and Storage of Jaggery (Gur) and Khandsari was sanctioned by Indian Council of Agricultural Research on Dec 08, 1988 during VII Five Year Plan. It aimed at improving productivity, quality and storability of gur and khandsari through development of better and standardized processes, equipments and management technology. The Co-ordination cell was located at this institute with its Lucknow centre. Later on AICRP (Jaggery and Khandsari) was merged with AICRP (PHT), the Co-ordination Cell of which is located at CIPHET, Ludhiana. Work on jaggery remained to be continued at IISR and now the unit has emerged as Jaggery Unit catering the need of research & development, training & demonstration and transfer of improved technology of sugarcane processing for juice, jaggery and other juice/jaggery based value-added products.

Vision and Mission

To develop low cost, energy efficient jaggery production and storage technology from sugarcane.


To enhance quality of jaggery manufacturing through improved post-harvest processes, technology, management and value addition.


To improve productivity, quality and storability of jaggery and demonstrate the improved post-harvest processes and equipment/gadgets to the users for adoption.

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Contact Person

Dr Dilip Kumar, Principal Scientist & Incharge
E-mail:, Mob: 9465772077