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Juice Quality Control Laboratory

Juice analysis is a most vital part of the Institute which provides for estimation of sugarcane juice quality parameters like oBrix, pol% juice, purity quotient, fibre content, etc.


To provide facilities for sugarcane/sugar beet juice analysis for the scientists of the Institute.

Parameters analyzed

- Brix, pol% juice, purity quotient, fibre content, etc.

Sample Testing/Analysis Charges

  1. o Brix, pol% juice, Purity Quotient : ₹ 200.00 per sample
  2. Fibre content : ₹ 250.00 per sample
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Contact Person

Dr V P Jaiswal, Senior Scientist & Incharge
E-mail:, Mob: 9415047895
Mrs Meena Nigam, Mob: 9919280771